Now this is the wedding for a couple with an adventurous soul. You could elope* in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, with our help because part of the Evented team will be in China in February 2018!! Read: no travel fees! PLUS Chinese New year is a fantastic time to visit and experience the Chinese culture for those who are willing to brave the cold. If you’re from Canada, anything above zero is basically Spring, so really this is a Spring wedding in China ;).

Only one spot to fill. Get in touch to talk dates and pricing!

*Please note, to get legally married in China, one person generally has to live or work in China. This would just be your dream symbolic ceremony. To be legally registered back in Canada, you would still have to go through the legal process before or after your trip. To be legally married in Alberta, you just need to sign a certificate and consent to the marriage in front of an officiant, which can be done for under $100.