Take the ‘vent’ out of your event with your new BAE. BAE stands for “Best Assistant for your Event.”

You like a challenge but could still use a helping hand. You have the time to get your hands dirty, but a little help would be nice. You pay attention to details, but a second pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt. You know that you don’t need a full planner involved but would like to take some of the pressure off of yourself and your nearest and dearest. Basically, you could really use a BAE.

Hourly bookings, to help you with whatever you need help with. Need witnesses for your elopement? We got you covered. Need someone to help with that epic Pinterest project? Our hot glue guns are plugged in. Need a venue scouting partner? We’ll meet you there! Need a fellow cake taster? Our forks are ready. 


 More than one location per session may require additional mileage fee


$60/ per hour
  • (can be non-consecutive)


$150/ 3 Consecutive Hours
  • Additional consecutive hours: $50 / per hour


$270/ 6 Hours*
  • Additional Hours (can add up to 2 consecutive hours to option): $35/per hour


    Interested Service or Subject
    Wedding Day ManagementEvent AssistantProposal PlanningCorporate InquiryTravel InquiryOther

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