Had a few questions pop up? Here is a list of frequently asked questions for weddings, elopements, honeymoon surprise trips and proposals. If this list does not answer your questions, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer!


What is a Pop-Up Wedding?

To us here at Evented, we relate it to pop-up shops. We come in (pop-up), set everything up, open the doors to all of our lovely couples and soon after, disappear leaving little trace that we were ever there. Pop-up weddings are small, time conscious but beautiful events that above all else, focus on the love between you and your partner.

Why a Pop-Up Wedding?

The average price tag for a traditional wedding in Alberta is $25,000, that can be a big sum to take on for many. When it comes to celebrating your love, you and your partner deserve something special and stress-free for your wedding day, regardless of your budget. That is where Evented comes in, we create an intimate wedding for you without the big overhead or stress. It is perfect for tying the knot or renewing your vows! You get to be spending your day with your nearest and dearest all without breaking the bank.

Can I have a wedding party?

Yes, the wedding party will be included in your guests count. They can be standing right up there beside you and your partner or watching from the front row. If you wish to have additional bouquets or boutonnieres, please let us know and we can give you a custom quote.

How does the 90 or 120 minutes work? Won’t I feel rushed?

Don’t worry! Even 90 minutes is plenty of time to celebrate. We ensure our couples are comfortable with the pace! You will begin with guests arriving (5-10 mins), then the ceremony will begin (10-15 mins), the remainder of the time (75 – 105 minutes) is for the mini reception and photo session, where there will be delicious treats and refreshments. You can decide whether to spend more or less of your time taking posed photos.  No matter what you decide, you will end up with amazing photos that will last a lifetime. After it’s over you and your hunny can continue on celebrations at any location of your choosing (we can help with any bookings).

If you would like more than 90 – 120 minutes for your wedding, additional hours can be added.

What can I expect at the mini cocktail reception?

You will have at least 30 minutes for your reception, where you can cut your cake, eat, drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages – dependent on the venue) and celebrate. If you have any special touches you’d like to add, e.g first dance, speeches etc – let us know!

On that note, if you don’t want to run out of time for a photo session, please be mindful of the estimated time allocation. With photo sessions, keep in mind that coordinating a group of people can be time-consuming and can cut into your time.


Why should I get a makeup trial?

At the trial Blushed Beaute learns how makeup sits on your skin, they make skin care recommendations and together, with no time stress, they talk about your dress, your colors and your favorite looks. From there they take their time and create a look you are comfortable with, sometimes adjust it just to see if you like it. They can do that because it’s not your wedding day. They also want to know how you feel about the makeup and want to make sure there’s time to make changes (or recommend haircuts/colors/skincare changes etc).

Blushed Beaute FAQ

What do we need to bring on our wedding day?

You need to bring a valid marriage license that is in good condition (not folded). If, for any reason, this is forgotten on the day, we will not be able to carry out a legally binding marriage. Unfortunately, no refund will be given if you forget to register or bring the license with you on the day. Other than that, bring your fashion flare, wedding rings, smiles and each other!

Where do we get a marriage license?

We recommend getting your marriage license at least 30 days before your big day. Prior to being married in Alberta, you must obtain an Alberta Marriage Licence from an Alberta Registry Agent. Fees vary amongst Registry Agents. This Licence is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. 

  • The registry agent issues a two-part document. The top part is a Registration of Marriage and the bottom part is the Marriage Licence.
  • The full document (Registration of Marriage and Marriage Licence) must be given to our marriage officiant prior to the ceremony.
  • Please do not fold the marriage license, it must be in good condition.

For more information, visit Getting married in Alberta 

What are the requirements for the two witnesses for the ceremony?

You do not need to know the witnesses prior to the wedding so your coordinator and photographer can count. If you bring your own witnesses, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The witnesses must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The witnesses cannot be cognitively impaired.

What happens in terms of legalities after the ceremony?

  • The marriage officiant keeps the marriage license portion of the form and submits the Registration of Marriage portion for registration within two days of the ceremony.
  • A Marriage Statement will be prepared by our Marriage Officiant and presented to you at the end of the ceremony.
  • The Registration of Marriage document is permanently archived with Alberta Vital Statistics.
  • The information on the Registration of Marriage is used to create government issued marriage documents.
  • You are responsible for ordering a permanent Marriage Certificate, which is the legal proof of the marriage. This application can be made at any Registry office.

For more information on how to order a marriage certificate, visit here.

Do you do Same-sex Marriages?

Of course! Same sex marriages are 100% legal in Alberta!

I want to have my elopement/wedding/vow renewal outside of Edmonton – can I?

Yes!! You would select the “Your own chosen Venue” package. We will create a custom quote for you depending on your desired location. If it is outside of the immediate Greater Edmonton area, we recommend booking 5-6 months in advance so that we can coordinate all of the vendors without a rush. However, if there is less than this amount of time, do not worry. Get in touch and we will do our very best to make your dreams come true.

Please note, that with destination events, the travel and accommodation costs of your Evented coordinator and any other vendors from the Edmonton area will need to be covered by you. We will always do our best to stay within your budget. Please keep in mind that if you obtain a marriage license in Alberta, you must get married in Alberta.


What do the decor themes look like?

Romantic: This will often include neutral or pastel colours, candles, lace, and mirrors.

Quirky: Taking from fun current trends, with the use of bright colours and other fun knick-knacks.

Rustic: Think light neutral colours, wood, burlap and antique looking decor.

You can upgrade to a custom decor theme starting at $525. There are so many themes out there, if your heart is set on a certain theme for your wedding – this add-on is perfect for you!

What do the Bouquet and Boutonnière look like?

If you have no preference, we base the flower colours and styles on the season. Colour scheme will be kept fairly neutral for Romantic and Rustic themes and brighter for Quirky themes. If you have a favourite colour or flower let us know and we will do our best to incorporate them!

You also have the option to upgrade your Bouquet and Boutonniere to include specific flowers that may be out of season or to a different material (such as handmade paper flowers, or silk bouquets). You can also upgrade to have real flower decor on your chairs, archway, or table. All of these options have custom rates.

If we decide on adding a videographer to our wedding package, what do we receive?

After filming for 90 minutes, you will get a full cinematic 5 minutes long edited video. Relive your amazing celebration any time you like!

Can we personalize our ceremony?

Our officiant performs a ceremony with vows pre-written. If you would like to personalize and bring your own or include readings, we ask that you let us know during the initial consultation or at least 3 weeks prior to passing it on to our officiant to skim over and prepare.

How does the ceremony music work?

If the venue allows music, we will have a collection of music that will be played through your 90+ minute wedding. If you have particular songs you would like to play during the ceremony, please let us know. We will have to be able to download the song, if we are unable to do so, we will ask you to supply the song.

For live music, the musician has a set they will play. If you have a particular song request, please let us know and we can see if the musician is able to include it in their set.

Can I bring my own vendor?

Whether you have your own officiant, caterer or photographer in mind we do not offer discounts in any of our services. You are more than welcome to discuss with us anything you may have in mind.


How does this work?

1.) We first start off with asking a few questions about your travel habits, accommodation needs, and any other details we need to know before booking your surprise trip.

2.) Once, we complete the initial assessment, we will research possible places and choose the best destination we think you both will enjoy.

3.)  We tell you the total cost, and if the cost is approved, we take your passport numbers and other needed documents and book your trip.

4.) On the wedding day, before we say goodbye, we will hand you an envelope with the destination name, any instructions and an information package about your stay, location and some activities you can do. You can decide whether to leave right away or go home get ready and then leave. If requested, we can arrange transportation to the airport for you as well!

What if we dislike the destination Evented has chosen?

This is why we do an initial assessment, we want to make sure we pick a place that suits both your style and a place you both haven’t gone before. Unfortunately, we cannot change the destination if you dislike it.

Who do we contact if things go wrong?

When traveling unexpected things may happen, we will do our best to have a local contact person at your destination. If there any other issues, we are one email away.


How does the photography work?

Our photographer will try to stay hidden and take some shots before and during the big ask. Once they have said yes, the photographer will take a few posed shots of the two of you.

Can I use my own vendor?

If we are executing your idea and you already have vendors in mind we can coordinate the payments for you or you can yourself, this is where the custom rate comes in. We figure the details and offer you the best rate.

If I decide on adding a videographer onto my proposal package, what do they do?

They will film your preparation, during the event and then the yes reaction! Then they will compile it into an awesome keepsake video for you and your partner to watch over and over again!

I don’t live in Edmonton, can you still help me?

Yes! We can curate and ship you all the props you need for your big day and coordinate vendors at your location.

I want to propose outside of Edmonton during a trip I am taking with my partner. How does that work?

We have two options for you.

Option A: We meet before your trip and give you all the goodies you need to propose and if needed coordinate vendors for your big ask.

Option B: We take care of everything. We travel to your proposal location (travel and accommodation costs covered by you), and set everything up, coordinate everything and all you need to do is get your partner to that location.