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Proposal Packages

Evented Proposals Packages


Want to execute your own proposal, but have no idea what to do or where to start? We will come up with unique personalized ideas for your proposal!

Evented Proposals Packages

Customized Rate

You’ve got the perfect idea already, but you don’t have the time or just dislike planning? Let us put your plan into action!

Evented Proposals Packages

$250.00 + Customized rate 

Full service from ideation to execution! We’ll handle the nitty gritty while you practice your lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the proposal photography work?2019-01-31T01:39:19+00:00

Depending on how obvious the set-up is, we’ll discuss whether you would like the photographer to stay out of view or do shots from afar initially. Once they have said yes, the photographer will take post proposal celebration shots of the two of you!

Can I use my own vendor?2019-01-31T01:37:12+00:00

Absolutely! We are happy to work with any vendor that you have in mind. All we’ll need is their contact information and your booking information (if you have already booked with them) so that we can keep them in the loop.

If I decide on adding a videographer onto my proposal package, what do they do?2019-01-31T01:35:37+00:00

They will film your preparations, the proposal speech and of course the special “YES!” moment and any immediate post engagement celebrations!  This will be compiled into an awesome keepsake video for you and your partner to watch over and over again!

I don’t live in Edmonton, can you still help me?2019-01-31T01:27:49+00:00

Yes! We can coordinate with vendors anywhere in the world as well as curate and ship, or locally source any props/decor that is necessary for your big day. If you would like us to be more hands on and involved in the day of coordination, we travel too!

I want to propose outside of Edmonton during a trip I am taking with my partner. How does that work?2019-01-31T01:24:39+00:00

There are several ways we can make this work.

Option A: We plan from afar, meaning we help coordinate with all the vendors at the destination and make sure everyone is on the same page before you jet off. We always do our best to find vendors that we trust and will be completely competent in executing your vision even when we’re not there.

Option B: We go with you! We travel to your proposal location and help set everything up, coordinate with and cue all involved vendors for a flawless execution. All you’ll need to worry about is getting your partner to the location.


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