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Proposal Packages

Evented Proposals Packages


Want to execute your own proposal, but have no idea what to do or where to start? We will come up with unique personalized ideas for your proposal!

Evented Proposals Packages

Customized Rate

Already have a proposal idea? Don’t have the time or dislike planning? We will execute your whole idea for you!

Evented Proposals Packages

$250.00 + Customized rate 

Want help coming up with an idea and executing the proposal? This is a terrific package that covers everything from A to Z for your proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the proposal photography work?2018-03-18T18:49:00+00:00

Our photographer will try to stay hidden and take some shots before and during the big ask. Once they have said yes, the photographer will take a few posed shots of the two of you.

Can I use my own vendor?2018-03-18T18:49:41+00:00

If we are executing your idea and you already have vendors in mind we can coordinate the payments for you or you can yourself, this is where the custom rate comes in. We figure the details and offer you the best rate.

If I decide on adding a videographer onto my proposal package, what do they do?2018-03-18T18:50:42+00:00

They will film your preparation, during the event and then the yes reaction! Then they will compile it into an awesome keepsake video for you and your partner to watch over and over again!

I don’t live in Edmonton, can you still help me?2018-03-18T18:51:38+00:00

Yes! We can curate and ship you all the props you need for your big day and coordinate vendors at your location.

I want to propose outside of Edmonton during a trip I am taking with my partner. How does that work?2018-03-18T18:52:22+00:00

We have two options for you.

Option A: We meet before your trip and give you all the goodies you need to propose and if needed coordinate vendors for your big ask.

Option B: We take care of everything. We travel to your proposal location (travel and accommodation costs covered by you), and set everything up, coordinate everything and all you need to do is get your partner to that location.


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