love & a little adventure…

Love & marriage; two of the worlds greatest adventures. Add in travel and you have the most perfect recipe for epic experiences and memories.

Our bottomless wanderlust means we’ll never say no to your wonderfully wild wedding plans, no matter what the destination!

In fact, this year, we’ll plan your day for FREE

YUP! That’s how dedicated we are to exploring!

it’s really simple

here’s the deal:

We’ll plan ANY elopement or wedding that

*has less than 20 guests

*is outside of Alberta

for just the cost of travel fees.

“I’ve Fallen In Love With Adventures, So I Begin To Wonder, If That’s Why I’ve Fallen For You.”

– E. Grin

Are you an adventurous soul?

Location Inspiration


Utah Salt Flats / Austen Diamond Photography Joshua Tree /Meg Brooke Photography New Mexico W Sands /Meg Amorette Photography


British Columbia Tofino / Daring Wanderer Photography Hawaii / Meg Courtney Photography California Big Sur / The Foxes Photography


Iceland / Ani Graham Photography Alaska / India Earl Photography Ireland / Virgina & Evan Photography


Las Vegas /Blue Willow Photo Mexico /The Times We Have Anywhere your heart desires /Amy Gray Photography


Venice / Caterina Hoffmann Photography Santorini /Pahountis Photography Japan /The Synchronal Photography