A June wedding, in the open park, sunny, birds chirping and a beautiful tree as the perfect backdrop to say I do. Except the caterpillars had called dibs on the tree and it seemed that the clouds were waiting just for this day to arrive to let loose all the rain they were holding. The birds were not going to be chirping and neither would any of us if we used the home of the caterpillars as shelter (or at least not chirping in a nice way). After refreshing the weather app for the 100th time just to be sure, we knew it was time for a new plan. And sometimes, like they did for Nina and David, new plans can turn out to be even more perfect than you could have ever imagined the original plan to have.
Although the day was cold, our hearts were warmed watching Nina and David share their love for each other.

Package: “Marry Me Now” Elopement

Theme: Romantic

Silver Lining:┬áThe bad part about a rainy day is that it’s raining. The great part about a rainy day is that most people are hiding away from that rain and you can go almost anywhere and have the entire place to yourself!

Did you know: It rains, on average, 77 days a year in Edmonton. Vancouver gets 162 days with rain!

Favorite moment: Nina and Davids daughter took the time to write a heart felt speech for Nina and David! “Every time I look at you guys I see happiness. And yes, times get hard, but in the end all you need is family. Family will keep you safe and make you smile in the hard times, make you laugh after you cry and if the world is against us we will be safe together.”