You know that the couple that’s about to get married is rad when they casually tell you they enjoy bad movies, crafting and engineering projects and that they’ve biked 360 km with just a few pairs of clothes and a tent! I don’t know about you, but that will probably never be an item on my list of accomplishments!

Hailie & Stephen stayed true to themselves when they decided to elope:

“Our priorities are starting off our married life in a low key, personal, beautiful way. To us, romance in the traditional sense is far less important than really having the other person’s interests at heart, knowing and accepting ourselves and each other, and being united.”

And united they are! Of course, no elopement would be complete without their adorable rescue pup – Radar, making an appearance! Look at that family picture!

The dream team:

Planning/Design: Evented

Photographer: Danielle Lucier Photography