We thankfully had more than just minutes to plan this elopement. This is the story of the one time we only had 50 hours between the email inquiry and the wedding ceremony explained with GIFS.

Thursday (T-50 hours)

12:30 P.M: Consultation request received via email.

Preferred date: This Saturday

Additional comments: We realize it’s CRAZY short notice, so anything we can do to make it work better for you, let us know!

Thankfully, we’re habitual email checkers. Once we triple checked the email and the calander to confirm, we set up a consultation.


The tricky thing with Saturday weddings, is that many wedding professionals get their Saturday’s booked up way in advance. Our main priority was getting in touch with officiants to make sure that we had some options lined up for Saturday so we got busy making phone calls.

Did you know, Alberta has all of the current officiants along with all of their contact info posted in this handy list.

Friday @ 8:30 A.M (T-30 hours)

Consultation at Starbucks

“So, you’re getting married tomorrow.”


Armed with everything we needed, we headed out to do some venue scouting, while calling the florist, and ordering cupcakes and brainstorming decor ideas.


We spent the evening gathering supplies. Champagne, streamers, washi-tape, a hula hoop, twine and foraged wild flowers. Check out what it all looked like in the next blog post.


Saturday (T-5 hours)

We spent the morning driving around picking up the gorgeous flowers and delicious cupcakes and then setting up.


And then, they were married.


It was both crazier and simpler than it seems. Crazy for us, but simple for the couple. Just how we like it!